Karen and Lucas talk. (“Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise”) In Season 2, Lucas and Keith return to Tree Hill after Dan has a heart attack. Lucas’s relationship with his

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TVAndMovies 51 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About “One Tree Hill” Because it’s important to learn more from the show than just the lyrics to every Gavin DeGraw

One Tree Hill: Jackson Brundage, Paul Johansson, Robert Buckley, Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, Barry Corbin, Bethany Joy Lenz, Lisa Goldstein

May 30, 2014 · It’s hard to believe that “One Tree Hill” first premiered over a decade ago. If you had the distinct pleasure of entering your pre-teenage years in the 2

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Blonde Jokes Enjoy our collection of Funny Blonde Jokes . Computer Malfunction. This blonde turns on her computer one morning at work. As it comes to life, suddenly

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Apr 04, 2012 · Warning: If you have yet to watch Wednesday’s One Tree Hill series finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…. One Tree Hill — the little

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Cast, crew, and production information.

Clayton “Clay” Evans is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by Robert Buckley. Introduced in the seventh season as Nathan

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John Knight: I hate to be the one to break it to you, but rock & roll can’t actually save the world. Peyton: See, I disagree. Walk into any club on the strip tonight

Daniel Robert “Dan” Scott was the biological man of Lucas and Nathan Scott. Dan learns about

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